Emotional dragons

I made what I’ll call a mistake for many years to think that the goal was to work through all my emotions; basically, to contemplate the root cause of them and then try to defuse them any time I was being bombarded by negative thoughts and rushing fear, guilt, anger, etc. This is all well and good; however, now I’ve come to the conclusion that it could take me a whole life time to work through just this life’s emotional baggage – maybe if I really focus, I could tackle one or two previous lives also (!); but I’ll never get through it all and unless I hit the saint button pretty soon I’m going to carry on experiencing challenges and maybe even traumas in my life that will lead to more things to work through to avoid the accumulation of freshly generated emotional triggers. Bottom line, no point trying to plug an emotional dam with your finger. Perhaps part of the working through of our emotional dragons involves simply recognising they exist and accepting that they’re a part of us, while at the same time keeping our minds focused on more inspired thoughts; thereby, removing the sting out of the dragon’s tail.

Excerpt from “She Who Is Unto Herself”

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