Transformation potential of relaxation

Reminiscing, Joy could see how circumstances seemed to have changed for the better in her life whenever she had reached a deep level of desperation. Like the day she had asked Dieter the question, “Can I go?” and he had said yes; and the time in Bethlehem that she had supplicated the Universe to send her a man with whom she could experience a genuine depth of love and understanding. These moments had been acutely painful, but they had led ultimately to something better. They had brought her to this very point in her life. She was able to recognise these events as moments of deep acceptance brought on by utter desperation.

Joy felt it was in her power to deeply accept all outer circumstances without the need to experience desperation first. Desperation was resistance. Resistance created physical and emotional tension, which prevented the free flow of Life-bringing energy capable of manifesting new beginnings. The antidote was relaxation. As contradictory as it sounded, in the face of challenging outer circumstances, the answer was to immediately relax – rather than to become tense and mentally stressed as was the habitual human reaction. This relaxation implied full acceptance of the moment together with openness to change. That was what made it different from dejection. In contrast to dejection, acceptance was a positive state filled with detached expectancy. It held the potential for transformation.

Excerpt from “My Name is Joy”

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