Cellular consciousness

I think all of us can remember a moment in our lives when people have suddenly commented on how great we look. It often happens when we’re newly in love. There’s something about our aura that’s simply radiant. What changed so suddenly in our appearance? Maybe we didn’t even have a new haircut and we’re still wearing the same clothes we always did. The difference is clearly of an energetic nature – something intrinsically innate, something at the cellular level. Our cells radiating a joyous vibration through all the etheric pores of our being.

Tantric and Taoist worldviews both promote the concept that our cells have intelligence/consciousness. Who is the I that speaks so loudly in our heads? It’s only one part of ourselves; a part that pretends to be the whole. Our bodies are not just a casing to keep the voice in our heads alive. Our bodies have consciousness; each cell has consciousness and reacts – positively or negatively – to our moods and dramas. I believe it’s important we get closely in touch with our body, to see it as a field of consciousness with innate powers, sensitivities and abilities on an etheric level, beyond the purely physical functions we tend to be more aware of.

If our cells have intelligence, it follows that we can communicate with them through language or imagery i.e. words or visualisations. If we’re sick or in pain, we can, for example, visualise ourselves as healed or healthy. We can also ask our cells for any understanding that we might need – lessons to learn – in order for us to return to full health. We may find we get the message that there’s a need for us to forgive ourselves or another person for a past hurt; or we may hear that we need to feel more love and appreciation for our self. I would say this cellular communication is an important parallel methodology to adopt whenever undergoing health treatments (allopathic or natural) or taking medication (pharmaceuticals or natural remedies). It can be a valuable part of our self-empowerment i.e. to work with our cellular intelligence to increase our chances of responding well to the external care/treatment that’s being administered. In this way, we can actively engage in our own healing; rather than being disempowered gladiators waiting to see if the thumbs go up or down.

 Excerpt from “She Who Is Unto Herself”.

2 thoughts on “Cellular consciousness

  1. Thank you for this write, Sam. So often we forget to communicate with our inner self and being in touch with the consciousness. Many maladies and afflictions can be cured and averted if we realize the true potential of our existence.

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  2. Thanks Amitav. I had a recent experience of illness, in which I found this perspective to be crucially important and – in fact – “natural”. I believe we give our power away too easily to doctors/therapists when we are sick, expecting them to return us to health. I believe illness is a doorway for greater understanding and spiritual growth if we can “cooperate” in the healing process. Often, this means also looking at what might have triggered the illness and having the courage to address those issues. Sometimes, the causal factors are obvious. Other times, we need to commune with our selves in order to get the full picture of the underlying instigators of the imbalance in our health situation. Greetings always, Sam 🙂


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