Flying through the storm

Life is like being in an airplane. When turbulence hits, no matter how bad it gets you have no choice but to stay on board and fly through the storm. There’s no chance to stop the plane and get off, which is why – personally – I prefer train travel!

If life isn’t currently providing us with the opportunities we wish for, and believe we deserve, it’s not that we’ve done something wrong or that we’re not good enough. We shouldn’t give ourselves, or others, a hard time when our lives don’t match our hopes or expectations. In fact, we should be very proud of ourselves if we can engage fully in our lives, with a positive disposition towards the people around us, even if we’re facing challenging circumstances personally. We can all love others when we feel loved ourselves. But can we feel love and bring joy into other people’s lives when we feel hurt, disappointed, betrayed? Precisely in those moments, we have an opportunity to grow spiritually and feel self-empowered, if we can touch others in a joyful way without needing to draw the attention back onto our own losses/lacks.

All the same, we shouldn’t deny those losses/lacks and try to suppress them. It’s important to recognise when we have a gaping hole in our emotional body. To heal that hole, we’ll need to engage in inner work (meditation, breathing, artistic creation, dance, etc.), transcend the fears and criticisms of the rational mind, and, thereafter, practice the art of being, which involves surrendering and (somehow) finding joy and fulfilment in the present.

Excerpt from “She Who Is Unto Herself”.



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