Inspirational Human Beings – Diana Mossop

Diana MossopA woman who has inspired me ever since I first met her around 20 years ago is Diana Mossop. Diana has created a range of vibrational remedies under the PHYTOBIOPHYSICS® label. These remedies promote healing on the four levels of consciousness: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. I can testify that Diana’s products really do work. On more than one occasion, I’ve healed myself of a health condition using her vibrational remedies.

The text below is taken from Diana’s internet page.


The Mossop philosophy is an exciting and relevant scientific approach to the problems of humankind that incorporates modern knowledge, traditional therapies and ancient wisdom. Above all it is a means of accurately assessing causal factors of disease. PHYTOBIOPHYSICS® is the registered trade mark of Diana’s products and the definition of the Mossop Philosophy is the science of plant energy – the use of the infinite energy of plants to restore balance and harmony to people of the world on all levels of consciousness: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.

The primary remedial aspect of the Mossop Philosophy is the use of the vibrational energy of plants. Using the vibration of plants for healing is not a new scientific approach. In fact it is timelessly old. For centuries it has been well understood that plants have an extremely important role in our lives. Not only do we live and survive by eating plants but also we use them to restore our bodies to health. It should come as no surprise that the energetic aspect of plants plays a vital role in ensuring healing on a profound and subtle level. This philosophy is an understanding of the inter-relationship between our souls and our being and the physical manifestations which often appear as symptoms of illness. People, when hurt on a very deep level, fall degenerately ill.

Many years of research have been conducted into matching the electro-magnetic frequencies of healthy cells to those of plants. Plant energy is captured as a memory by the traditional sun method. Thousands of tree nuts and seeds and plant and flower essences have been gathered from all over the world. By combining the frequencies of these thousands of essences, the 20 Phytobiophysics® Flower Formulas and the 10 Superfit Tree formulas have been produced. They have been formulated to resonate on very precise and specific frequencies following the colour spectrum of the rainbow.

Each Flower Formula has been specifically created to match the resonance of a healthy cellular system in the body. The formulas act as neurotransmitters and when ingested they instantly regulate the electro-magnetic frequency of the system being targeted. This encourages the body own innate ability to heal on a very deep level.





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