Transformation of consciousness

“Do you believe that my father – Dino – and the rest of us are part of one existential energy?” Joy asked.

“Isn’t that stuff for saints and mystics?” Bruna replied, biting slowly into a croissant that had been warmed in the oven.

“Maybe in the past it was, but more people than just mystics practise daily meditation and live according to spiritual principles nowadays. In so doing, they’re bound to come face-to-face with the Truth that the very same Life energy runs through each and every one of us.”

“What you’re referring to isn’t totally new, Joy,” Gino intervened. “Theories about universal energy have been around for millennia in different guises and ideologies, so what makes you think that mainstream humanity is going to suddenly be impacted in some transformative way if until now that hasn’t happened?”

Joy poured out the coffee and took her place at the table.

“I’d say that what’s different nowadays is that freedom from the lower mind and the emotions is something many people are hungry for. The injustice, the inequality, the corruption, the manipulation are all becoming increasingly visible. They’re affecting more and more people directly, so it’ll become harder for them to just stand by and watch. Humanity stands on the brink of what to me looks like an abyss. Recognising our intrinsic common identity would be a saving grace. Until now, humans have believed but they haven’t known. How could they have real knowledge of spiritual truths when they’ve been stuck in mental illusions and turbulent emotions?”

“Joy my dear, there’s you – your father used to call you a spiritual seeker – and then there’s the rest of us poor mortals,” said Bruna. “Why should we decide to latch on to these metaphysical ideas of yours? Why should we give up our normal way of thinking and living?”

“Aren’t more people looking for a way out of the quagmire of mainstream life? Aren’t they looking to lift the wool that’s been pulled over their eyes? External conditions lead inexorably to suffering and this is urging people onwards in spite of themselves. If we want to change how we live life on the physical plane, we have to start by changing our minds.”

Joy paused to give emphasis to her last three words.

“The global crisis and scandals are very distressing, that’s true,” replied Bruna. “I know a number of people who’ve had to close down their business because of the latest bank collapses. But, is it enough for them to begin calling more insistently for alternatives? I don’t know, darling. Human beings can be stubborn and stupid at times.”

“Unless people make this transition, those who crave power will rule over them, as they do now, keeping them in ignorance, watching and laughing as they suffer and fight for what has no true value, and the Earth with all its life forms slowly dies out.”

“That’s quite a pessimistic picture you’re painting there,” interjected Gino.

“I think it’s liberating,” Joy replied. “Knowing that we don’t need to suffer under our mind’s controlling and divisive influence, and that we’re part of something greater than our physical selves frees us to live life more authentically, using the talents we have to create a meaningful, physical existence.”

“People need a reason to change their behaviour and to attach meaning to something other than the satisfaction of their desires,” responded Gino. “It’s true that for some it’ll be their own desperation and disillusionment, but I wonder if there are enough of those kinds of people to achieve the needed critical mass.”

Joy agreed with Gino that the crux of the matter came down to numbers.

“If history were studied from the angle of the evolution of mainstream human consciousness, instead of being looked upon as a series of violent battles over territory and natural resources, it’d be clear that humanity is moving towards its more enlightened potential,” affirmed Joy. “The only question is how much damage humans will do in the meantime. That depends on how quickly the critical mass you mention, Gino, can be achieved. Transformation of consciousness is possible. It’s our responsibility to work to achieve it before humans completely destroy the eco-system or create a nuclear conflict that puts human development back centuries.”

Excerpt from “My Name is Joy”.

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