Deconstructing negativity

The astral/emotional body has the tendency to pull a person off balance through emotions like desire or fear. What’s desired can change, but the astral pull is the same. Desire is, therefore, an illusion. The astral suction is where both the problem and the solution lie. This emotional pull can be experienced as a negative thought or a memory that continues to play round and around in a person’s mind. The energy fuelling the thought comes from the astral/emotional body. It’s like the water that turns the wheel of the mill. Rather than resisting that energy – think of how difficult it is to control the force of water when it’s amassed – we can try redirecting it towards a more positive thought or throwing it upwards towards a higher state of consciousness. Don’t be afraid of the energy; it’s actually a positive thing because it’s a driving force. Simply channel the energy in a direction of your choosing. In so doing, you leave the negative thought with no source of power from which to refuel and, at the same time, you energise something more positive and constructive.

“It is difficult to transform a mind dominated by the principle of inertia (tamas), manifesting as lethargy, apathy, and indifference. When the dynamic principle (rajas) holds sway, however, the energetic charge inherent in the unstable condition of the agitated mind can be put to positive use.”(1)

For example, I used to get overpowered by negative thoughts about being fat. From out of the blue, these self-defeating thoughts would suddenly get louder and louder. I tried at first to resist the thoughts – to blot them out of my mind; however, I realised that this only made them stronger. What I finally found worked was to focus my awareness on the “energetic charge” (rajas) that was fuelling the agitation, to detach the negative thought from this astral pull and to then attach a new more inspired thought to the energy. In the end, I used to look forward to the overweight thoughts rushing in. I was ready for them and I immediately deconstructed them and used the energy to fertilise a positive vision of what I wanted in my life. And that positive vision did, in fact, soon materialise for me. Happily – or sadly – that was the end of the overweight thoughts.

(1)  Feuerstein, G. (1998) Tantra: the Path to Ecstasy. Shamballa Publications: Boston & London, p.252.

Excerpt from “She Who Is Unto Herself”

2 thoughts on “Deconstructing negativity

  1. Interesting. It reminds me a theory that popped inside my head earlier.

    I use an analogy. I compare the thoughts with foods we eat.
    Few thoughts/experiences are harder to digest. I see them as protein rich foods for mind.

    What people usually do is that, they do not face the hard thoughts for enough time, and they just swallow it without giving it enough focus. And all those hard thoughts goes into our mind unbreaked and put stress on the mind, eventually leading to thoughts-indigestion.
    The trick/solution is quite like with foods we eat. The more we chew it, the better it gets digested.
    Likewise, the more we focus/confront the negative/hard thoughts, the better they get digested and gets converted as mind muscles, providing us strength.

    Just a theory 🙂


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