Spiritual food

Choosing our company well is as important to our physical, emotional and mental health as having a balanced/nutritious diet and living/working in a healthy environment. If we regularly eat food with poor nutritional value, it’s likely that we’ll soon find ourselves in a bad state of health. The same is true of the spiritual food that we choose to ingest: the music we listen to, the books we read, the TV programmes we watch, etc. – all are susceptible to impacting our emotional and mental state in a positive or negative way, with a probable knock-on effect on our physical wellbeing. If we choose to surround ourselves with pessimistic persons, equally, the glass will very quickly look half empty and will make our creative potential much more difficult to tap into. Furthermore, we’ll often feel a sense of being drained as the pessimist saps our vibrant energy to fill the empty hole caused by his/her own doom and gloom. This brings to mind the responsibility each one of us has to be aware of our moods and the effect our state of mind/emotions can have on others.

Interestingly, when we feel optimistic and have positive thoughts, it’s reflected in our physical body – we naturally assume a more upright posture with our heads held high. When we’re depressed, our bodies quickly sag into a droopy stance and our eyes will tend to look downwards towards the ground. Could it be that the reverse is also true, namely that by adjusting our physical posture we can affect a change in our mood and outlook? Try it! See if it works for you.

Excerpt from “She Who Is Unto Herself”

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