Focus on mindfully experiencing all daily events

Boundaries come in many forms. Some can prevent us from connecting with people – like barriers. Others can help us to keep our balance. When I leave the office, I try to cross a boundary, by telling myself that now is my time. I attempt to mindfully leave my work behind me until the next day. This is more easily accomplished when you come to recognise that the inner is the primary goal; outer circumstances are only means and have secondary priority in any spiritual approach to life on Earth. That recognition came to me through over 40 years of life experience. I’ve seen how events come and go, people come and go; the only constant is me, myself and I. What brings happiness one minute very often brings pain the next.

Perhaps in my younger years it was an acceptable approach to the art of living to keep looking forward to the future, hoping for greener pasture, focusing ever outwards. Now that I’m over the 40 year hill, and I can see the end of my life at the bottom, I realise that the way I lived as a young adult is no longer empowering. There’s no guarantee that I’ll find meaning or joy in the future, any more than I might be able to find it today. For this reason, the technique of mindfully experiencing all daily events is important; to focus on the immediate, the inter-personal, the inner. Each day I can feel empowered by being charged up with love – for myself and for others. Each day I can create a small miracle in the lives of the people who navigate the same physical or etheric space as me. Each day, I can bring positive thoughts that sow seeds of good karma.

 Excerpt from “She Who Is Unto Herself”.

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