Reiki – an accelerated route to the inner self

Reiki seemed to offer an accelerated route to the inner self. This route to the Self is by nature full of challenges; yet now, Joy could equate crises in her personal life with opportunities for spiritual growth. She believed that when higher vibrations entered the subtle energy bodies – as happened through regular Reiki, meditation and other spiritual practices – some lower frequencies that were present were likely to be dislodged and the subtle bodies pressured to resonate at a higher level. She knew by direct experience that this could be painful and cause emotional, physical or mental suffering; at least until the process was understood and resistance had given way to surrender. Joy was discovering that surrender was not an act of weakness. In contrast, it was a source of extreme power and creativity. It was a process of stilling and focusing the mind – keeping it away from any thoughts of the past or the future, from judgements or self-flagellation. She was convinced that surrender was a form of empowerment derived from the creativity that is inherent in the moment – a power which is our divine right and duty to develop.

Excerpt from “My Name is Joy”.

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