What’s your unique gift to life?

Have faith in yourself and your unique abilities. Know yourself to be powerful. Each one of us is like a piece of a jigsaw puzzle. We’re each essential because if even just one piece of the otherwise finished jigsaw is missing the picture is incomplete and the jigsaw doesn’t fulfil its potential. On the other hand, the single jigsaw piece on its own is totally meaningless and incomprehensible; its value and significance is seen when it fits into the puzzle as a whole. Therefore, each one of us is unique. We can bring our own quality and gift to life. It’s the feeling/being that’s important, not so much the doing. Some of us will have what look like better life opportunities than others, but we all have the same chance to bring joy and love into our interactions with those around us. No matter if we hold a supposedly important social or professional position, or we’re just a mother, husband, son, etc. any playing ground is a perfect place for us to shine our own particular light. I believe the gift I can bring to each day I’m alive is heartfelt warmth and care, radiated through a smile, which creates an easy connection with people. What’s your unique gift?

Excerpt from “She Who Is Unto Herself”.


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