Distinguishing between will and desire

It’s important to distinguish between ego-oriented personality will, which I deem to be synonymous with desire, and the transrational (spiritual) will. In short, will and desire aren’t the same thing. Sometimes, it might seem we’re unable to manifest into physical reality the people, events or things we believe we need in order to feel fulfilled. However, this apparent stagnation might well be symptomatic of a disconnect between our ego desires and the will of our transrational self[1]. This transrational will is an inner drive, which we unconsciously or consciously feel, that urges us to move ever forwards, to continue searching for our existential purpose and field of service.

“Kicks of desire […] reflect our unbridled impulses, or whims. […] Desires die with the death of ego. […] Will is a powerful dynamo; attached to will human efforts become dynamic. […] Will is a driving force, and drives to consistent and persistent acts.”[2]

Surrendering to our transrational will is like going with the flow of Life. Therefore, it’s a clear act of self-empowerment. It implies aligning our personality with our transrational self and being guided by the will of that higher aspect of our being, which is steering us in a definite life direction. Therefore, when attempting to manifest outcomes on the physical plane it’s important to remain sensitive to the distinction between will and desire so that we get a clearer sense of whether any closed doors we face are there for a reason – either we’re headed in the wrong (ego-led) direction, or we’re in the midst of a learning experience in which we can gain some important life tools and spiritual insights, even though this might entail a number of challenging conditions, which require us to muster all our innate strength and faith.

 Sam Red, 2 July 2015

[1] I ascribe the term “transrational self” to Ken Wilber.

[2] Bhattacharya, B. (1988) The World of Tantra. Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt. Ltd: New Delhi, p.215.

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