Tantra – responding to life challenges and difficulties

It’s not for nothing that we live the experience of physicality. Perhaps the easy answer when life is presenting us with overwhelmingly challenging circumstances is to withdraw – for example, by turning to alcohol or drugs, ignoring the plight of others or allowing ourselves to succumb to depression. Instead Tantra urges us to fully immerse ourselves in this life – with utmost awareness and self-responsibility, in an act of spiritual learning and self-less-ness. Tantra promotes engagement in the physical plane rather than in any way retracting from it or remaining aloof. Reference is often made in Tantra to the stunningly beautiful lotus flower that grows out of the mud. The analogy is simple: by responding to the challenges and difficulties we face in our lives, or making the effort to help others in tough circumstances, we can grow towards our full human-spiritual potential.

Sam Red, 3 July 2015.

4 thoughts on “Tantra – responding to life challenges and difficulties

    • Thanks for your comment 🙂 Although a much-used analogy, it is “much-used” and has endured over the ages for a good reason 🙂 i.e. most of us can easily resonate with the comparison 🙂


  1. True! Its the beauty of this world that even mud produces something as beautiful as a Lotus, difficulties cannot overpower human spirit! Its only when put through fire that Gold finds its shine! I like how you present the complexities so simply, worth reading and imbibing!

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    • Thanks so much for your kind words. It’s hugely appreciated. Perhaps more schools should teach young people how to respond in constructive ways to life’s challenges instead of only catering to the rational mind’s need for facts and “critical thinking”? Basically, who teaches us how to deal with life? Particularly if we’re not religious. We end up having to learn for ourselves through trial and error.

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