Nature – the spiritual enchantress

I’ve experienced on numerous occasions how nature can cast an enchanting and beautiful spell on me that leaves me feeling mesmerised, in an altered state, with an open heart and a deep sense of contentedness and trust. Some places in nature I know in advance have a huge likelihood to have this kind of impact on me.The seaside is one such place. When I feel in need of hope and inspiration, a walk along the sandy shore or a coffee at a beachside café can be all it takes for me to find a more positive state of mind.

In addition, the twilight zone between day and night holds a magical charm, which I experienced often as I sat alone, in the early evening, on the terrace of my home in East Jerusalem, overlooking the undulating olive groves. The dusky twilight seems to me to be a moment when the veil between the rational and the transrational (spiritual) realms is very thin, almost transparent. If there is any such thing as a parallel universe, I would wager that an access point is through the twilight seam.

On occasion, nature’s gracious, magical spell takes me totally by surprise. I remember an evening sitting alone on a hotel room balcony overlooking the quiet surrounding lawns, when quite suddenly I felt in awe of the star-studded, darkened skyscape and the stillness of the night penetrated intermittently only by the sound of the cicadas and a warm breeze that would delicately caress my face. The thoughts in my head vanished completely. I was totally present. I remained there, for hours, hardly moving and deeply peaceful.

Excerpt from “She Who Is Unto Herself”.

4 thoughts on “Nature – the spiritual enchantress

  1. Yes, having browsed your blog, I can see that nature is as important to you as it is to me. Well, after all, we are all one, right 🙂 and that means one also with this beautiful entity which is the Earth and all life forms that inhabit “Her”. Only the rational mind is convinced of its separateness and is intent on making us live to “defend” and “justify” our “self” – oftentimes at the expense of what it perceives to be “the other”. Thanks for visiting my site, and commenting. It’s much appreciated. Warm greetings, Sam


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