Changes sometimes take time to surface

I used to meet a woman with a dog each morning as I walked to work. Since this was happening on a daily basis, I eventually felt it was the polite thing to do to greet her as she walked by. The woman didn’t return the greeting. I continued to greet her each morning for a number of weeks and she continued to ignore me. One day when I’d obviously got out of the wrong side of bed and was feeling a bit moody, as I saw her coming I told myself: OK, she never says hello anyway, so today I’m also not going to say hello. As I walked passed her in silence with my eyes down, I heard her say: “Gruezi” (“Hello” in Swiss German). Totally taken by surprise, I smiled and turned excitedly to shout gruezi back!

I  had learnt an important lesson: always believe, never give up, keep smiling, keep being positive even when you don’t see the result immediately. Changes may be going on at a deeper level and might take time to surface. The woman now even smiles back at me – although it took some time for that additional leap forwards. After the first time she said gruezi to me, she more or less greeted me each morning, however always with a serious face. Only months later, did the word hello come with a smile, but it did happen, and continues to happen.

Excerpt from “She Who Is Unto Herself”

4 thoughts on “Changes sometimes take time to surface

  1. Awesome. There was an old man on a street I used to live who I used to greet. I don’t even know if he spoke English. He never even smiled back. It was like he would just hang out in front of his house around the sidewalk just waiting for me to pass. I wasn’t sure if I should think of it as creepy or if he was just a lonely old man who who would get an ass whooping if he were caught interacting with me, or maybe was just his way of getting out of the house into the sun. Either way it was kinda funny.


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