Smiling – an indicator of spiritual success

Can you smile even when you’re hurting inside? If you can smile in the midst of your own personal storms then that’s a huge victory in your day; something immeasurably worthwhile.

Let’s consider what we give value to. If we want to live an inspired and empowered life, we need to give value to our inner work and its application in outer circumstances. If we continue to give priority value to outer aspects like job, possessions, physical beauty, then of course the small inner victories – like a beaming smile or empathic hug – will ring hollow. Instead, these small gestures have the potential to be indicators of true authenticity and spiritual success.

Excerpt from “She Who Is Unto Herself”

7 thoughts on “Smiling – an indicator of spiritual success

    • Thanks so much, Amitav. There are many ways to live our lives. Sometimes small changes in perception can immediately bring more joy and fulfillment. I’ve learnt this the hard way 😉 It’s only through personal experience that we become truly aware of these kinds of life lessons. Warmest greetings always, Sam

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  1. I have a friend who says that she woke up in her 50s and realized that she wasn’t the person she wanted to grow old with. She felt she had lost touch with her inner life, even though she had achieved a world class career in her profession. We can get so caught up in being productive, even if we are doing good things, that we forget to nourish our relationship with ourself. Thanks for speaking the truth about this.

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