Impacting others through the transpersonal plane

As mentioned in a previous post, only a very small component of the tantric path, if any, focuses on sexual practice. For this reason, I feel that some of the sacred sexuality courses available in the West put the cart before the horse. Yes, the sex, absolutely; I’m totally into exploring the sacred nature of my human sexuality. However, the first step is surely to acquire a significant depth of knowledge about oneself and others (including our lover) as physical-spiritual beings. I feel this is especially important because by integrating Tantra into our spiritual practice we have an opportunity to, in some way, heal the male/female and physical/spiritual fault lines within our individual selves, between our self and our lover, as well as at the more encompassing transpersonal level.

In his book “The Art of the Transpersonal Self”, Norbert Koppensteiner explains how the transpersonal refers to our “relationality with partial others within the aesthetic/energetic sphere”[1]. He goes on to clarify that: “The human being is from the outset transpersonal and in part determined by others and co-determining towards them. Each action we take never only affects our self alone – since within the relationality of the aesthetic/energetic sphere there is no such thing as a ‘self alone’. […] one’s own actions might reverberate through this aesthetic/energetic sphere and concretely affect the partial others.”[2]

This concept of the transpersonal plane is valid for all of our actions and thoughts, in any of our daily settings, not solely in the frame of sexual relations. It’s through the transpersonal sphere that, for example, prayers or good wishes can positively impact others. Similarly, and yet with a more negative repercussion, any expressions of anger or revenge we may indulge in also hold the potential to energetically impact the person we’re directing these unpleasant emotions and thoughts towards, which is why the notion of karma and personal responsibility is so important.

Sam Red, 12 August 2015

[1] Koppensteiner, N. (2009) Art of the Transpersonal Self. Atropos Press: New York & Dresden, p.147.

[2] Koppensteiner, N. (2009) Art of the Transpersonal Self. Atropos Press: New York & Dresden, pp.147-148.

6 thoughts on “Impacting others through the transpersonal plane

  1. What I feel is that the whole idea of sex that is commonly prevalent is contrived and warped. There are more misconceptions and generalizations about it. The whole idea of sacred sexuality can only be experienced when the mind is truly elevated and looks beyond pleasure. As usual, your writes makes one pause and ponder about the journey of life. Greetings, Amitav.

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  2. Thanks, Amitav. Yes, I believe that, in the main, only those who have a regular, dedicated spiritual practice can gain the necessary level of detachment & receptivity to experience authentic sacred sex, which as you say requires transcending the rational mind. Greetings always, Sam

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  3. Great post Sam! Big believer in transpersonal influence and impact. I do have a question, how do we protect ourselves from the negative transpersonal negativity others may have towards us? Often times, we may not even be aware of the negativity someone may be sending our way. How do we protect our transpersonal space?

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    • Hi 🙂 Thanks so much for the feedback & question. How to protect ourselves from the negativity directed at us by other people is something that isn’t easy to answer & approaches vary. I know symbols, mantras, rituals, crystals, etc. are used as helpful aids, however, my viewpoint is that the most important thing is to keep in touch with our inner bliss as much as we can. That bliss (Heart energy) is the manifestation of our divinity. When we’re in touch with that energy, I believe negativity (which is a lower vibration) can’t so easily drag us down. We experience this, for example, in meditation when we can access a blissful, balanced state of consciousness even if we were stressed or not in a particularly good mood before we started. This is just my personal view. How do you approach it? Warm greetings, Sam 🙂

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      • Agree very much Sam.
        I try grounding techniques outdoors. Daily walks and unplugging. Sage is another favorite of mine.
        More recently, I have deactivated social media accounts to shift focus and rid myself of distractions. Those all help me.
        It’s so great to learn about other’s views on this.
        Thank you for posting and engaging in dialogue:)

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