Don’t mind the gap

A friend of mine once commented to me: “Most of our lives are lived purely in our heads.” This was a sobering reminder of the importance of distinguishing between our prevailing reality and the memories and/or fantasies we play out in our minds, which can often be physically and mentally exhausting. As far as memories are concerned, it’s helpful to acknowledge that there’s nothing we can do to change, or bring back, the past. In terms of fantasies, whether of outcomes we wish for or fear, although it may be OK to indulge for a while, I feel it’s important to be able to do so in moderation since oftentimes those hopes/fears never come to pass in the end, so a lot of time and energy can be spent on something that ultimately has no purpose. As such, don’t mind the gap i.e. the gap between where you are and where you wish to be; or who you are and who you want to become. The gap is part of the game of physical-plane life. It will always be there; so, there’s no point in stressing over it. Once you cross the gap, a new gap will surely materialise (unless you reach enlightenment first) and the whole process starts over. I feel we’d do well to teach our children from an early age this aspect of living an empowered life as it would spare them much personal suffering and assist them in living a more joyful existence.

Excerpt from “She Who Is Unto Herself”

10 thoughts on “Don’t mind the gap

  1. So very true Sam. Thank you for the reminder. I have spent many hours in my day dreams and mental noise. I am the “internal dialogue” type of person. Many of those go into my writing, but most of the times I am trying to quiet the dialogue so I can just be 🙂 A work in progress. Thank you again for the reminder.

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    • I resonate with your comment, Lily. Yes, it’s a work in progress for me also. However, I feel that an awakened “awareness” is already a good step along the path 🙂 Let us be kind on ourselves and recognise our small victories as well as the long road ahead 😉 Greetings always, Sam

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  2. Yes, the gap always remains because who you want to be is always relative to who you are today. Also unless the gap is there you/we may not have anything to look forward to. So being aware of the gap but not fretting about may actually be a good thing.

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    • Thanks for your very kind words, Maggie. I’ve very much enjoyed browsing your blog with all your tips for natural health and skin products/recipes. I wish you the very best with your study plans, also! Warmest greetings, Sam

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      • Actually my name is Brit and it is so nice to meet you Sam! 🙂 I am so happy you enjoyed reading and thank you so so much for following me and liking my blog post. It really encourages new bloggers. Thank you!

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      • Oops, so sorry Brit 😦 I tend to like connecting with people in an authentic way, which is why I use people’s names as much as I can. Thanks for the clarification 🙂 Wishing you a joyful evening, Sam 🙂

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