Ever-present web of “Life”

Darkness had fallen and the sky glistened with the moon and the distant stars, revealing the gateway to the universe. In the daylight hours, it was easy to fall for the illusion that there was nothing beyond earthly existence. At night, the truth of the vastness of the physical manifestation of Life could be glimpsed. The star-filled sky was humbling and awe-inspiring. Out here I can sense clearly that the Life that animates my own small existence also brings energy to all things everywhere, thought Joy. She sat down on one of the garden chairs and honoured the sadness she was feeling at the space left by the passing of her father, Dino. She allowed herself the time to experience her grief. As she wept, her tears calmed her.

Then, focusing at a point beyond memories and emotion, she recognised the beauty of a life that had ended. She acknowledged the energetic web that connected all beings in and out of incarnation. Her breathing became slower and more rhythmic; her body and facial muscles began to relax. She held her mind steady at the highest point of mental focus that was possible for her. Orienting her attention inwards to her sense of Self beyond her personality, she was able to observe her emotions and to slowly detach from them. She maintained her attention pointedly in the moment. There was no past, no future; there was only now. Gradually, it was as if her normal thinking processes had stopped. She began to resonate with an extremely beautiful energy; a part of herself that was unveiled in the silence of her mind. Her physical body emitted a deep breath and an overwhelming sense of peace came over her.

In the stillness, she had the sensation that pulsating energy was pouring through her etheric body – fluid and all-encompassing. She experienced herself as an energy form that radiated deep within and far beyond her physical self. She touched the furthest horizon, filling every space. She reached the genetic membranes of each of her cells. She resonated with the smallest grain of earth and the vastness of the ocean. Her physical body felt light; almost non-existent. There is no death. There is only transition. Life ebbs and flows in natural cycles of manifestation. Life is ever one and ever present.

Excerpt from “My Name is Joy”

8 thoughts on “Ever-present web of “Life”

  1. This is just excellent. After reading this I could feel the whole ambiance change around me and I could feel each word. You have described an alien feeling and brought it out so eloquently. This is writing at its finest, Sam. Greetings and best wishes from me. Amitav

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    • Thanks for your lovely comment, Lily. I too am finding great comfort and inspiration in meeting like-minds on WordPress πŸ™‚ It warms my heart to connect with beautiful people with whom I can authentically resonate. Joyful greetings, Sam πŸ™‚

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