Nature – a gateway to expanded consciousness

Nature offered human beings a space where they could more easily align with what might best be referred to as the one Life. By this Joy meant the Life that animates all the kingdoms – mineral, plant, animal and human – making out of their component parts one whole. This Life energy remained a mystery to the human mind. It originated from the non-visible world and surrounded and imbued the four kingdoms. As such, nature offered human beings the opportunity to more easily reach beyond the limits and divisive tendencies of their conscious minds, and thereby gain an intuitive understanding that humanity is a part – although only one part – of a greater existence.

The destruction of the environment by human activity was to Joy an indication of just how far off the spiritual track human beings, controlled by their lower minds, had wandered. Nature was a gateway to an authentic awareness of humanity’s place in the greater scheme. The rational mind, fearing its own annihilation, was driving men and woman to destroy that gateway – the door to their liberation.

Excerpt from “My Name is Joy”

12 thoughts on “Nature – a gateway to expanded consciousness

  1. The question is: will we succeed in shutting that door completely?
    I love your little story, a beautiful description of the sad things going on around the world. I’ll have to read more about JOY 🙂

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    • Thanks so much for visiting and for your kind comment 🙂 It’s much appreciated. Yes, your question is a burning one. However, I imagine that you, like me, remain optimistic 🙂 My charater Joy starts off in the throes of an existential crisis. It’s from that phase that this excerpt comes. I’m glad to say that she uses the darkness to find a brighter vision. Warm greetings, Sam


  2. Great read, Sam. Well, we have to realize that the life-cycle is intrinsically linked and dependent on Nature. The urge to destroy, I think, comes from lack of knowledge and also insecurities that stems from the fear of the unknown. Warm Greetings, Amitav.

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    • Good morning, Amitav. Well, after I unwittingly deleted your comment last night and couldn’t find where WordPress had put it, I finally managed to retrieve it 🙂 I agree with your feedback and would add that much destruction is caused as a result of human greed and the illusion that the human identity stops at the boundary of the ego i.e. that the ego is a separate entity (which, from my perspective, it is not). This illusion leads to grasping, taking, dominating – with scant regards for the long-term effects or the consequences on other life forms/lives. Warm greetings, Sam 🙂

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      • Good morning, Sam. Hope you are having a great day. 🙂 You have so well put it into perspective, and yes it’s from your book, so you have a thorough understanding about life and have observed from life as well. I am not being a cynic or trying to paint things in a negative perspective, but I feel that few things are not right. Life is precious and we ought to do more to live it in a meaningful way. Every action has it’s consequences. We so often forget that. Having said that, Nature has a way of balancing things or achieving equilibrium. It augurs well to love life and love others with sincerity. Sincere and Warm Greetings, Amitav. 🙂

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  3. To be honest you had me at the title for where do we turn in need, if not to the flowing streams and rivers, to the mountains and hillsides, to the woods and ancient trees ….Nature predates Psychology by thousands of years. Deeply fascinating, intriguing writing. 🙂

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    • Thanks so much, Deborah, for your beautiful comment. Yes, I agree, after all nature is “Mother Earth”. I found a lovely resonance between this post and your poem “Lord of the Greenwood”, which I read this evening. Warm greetings, Sam 🙂


  4. Great Read! Nature is the purest form of the existence of us living elements. We should appreciate and acknowledge it. The ancient inhabitants of the world always saw nature as the ultimate GOD!
    Have a nice evening guys!
    Shine on!

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