Human beings – interconnected at an energetic level

There are many similarities between the various conceptualisations of the non-visible realms as put forward by thinkers past and present. For example, from my understanding, André van Lysebeth uses the term “overmind” to refer to the transpersonal plane. “In Tantra, the concept of the overmind is an essential one […] the overmind refers to an autonomous mental level that includes and is greater than several individual sub-minds.[1] This tantric concept of the overmind seems to equate also to the collective unconscious as it “is the repository of all mankind’s memories […] the totality of mankind’s experience and knowledge, the senses, thoughts and abilities of every man and woman who lives today, or has ever lived.”[2] Furthermore, these definitions of the overmind are very similar to the idea of the Akashic Records, a concept described by Rudolf Steiner (anthroposophy), the theosophist movement and Edgar Cayce, amongst others: “More than just a reservoir of events, the Akashic Records contain every deed, word, feeling, thought, and intent that has ever occurred at any time in the history of the world. […] these Akashic Records are interactive in that they have a tremendous influence upon our everyday lives, our relationships, our feelings and belief systems, and the potential realities we draw toward us.[3]

Without wishing to go into any detail in comparing the terms transpersonal plane, overmind, collective unconscious and Akashic Records, suffice it to say that there are various theoretical frameworks, including Tantra, that put forward the hypothesis that all human beings are connected at an energetic level. Moreover, although we’re all unconsciously, and even perhaps unwittingly, part of an inter-linking energetic plane, it’s also in our power to access that interconnecting sphere with intention – through the medium of our thoughts, words and actions, for example – so that we impact it in a conscious and positive way. This ties in with the saying that energy follows thought i.e. what we’re thinking will, in some way and at some point in time, manifest physically. Energetic resonance through the transpersonal plane would also explain the power of prayer and distant healing, for example. I assume, without any evidence to back my claim, that as human beings we all have the same latent ability to work with the energies of the overmind/transpersonal plane, although some of us might be more attuned to working in this way than others. We’re all healers, even though perhaps certain people have a more developed capacity in this area – either as a random outcome of their life circumstances or because they’ve dedicated themselves to strengthening these particular skills.

Excerpt from “Looking for Tantra”, due out September/October 2015

[1] Van Lysebeth, A. (1995) Tantra – The Cult of the Feminine. Weiser Books: Boston, p.33.

[2] Kale, A & S. (1976) Tantra, the Secret Power of Sex. Jaico Publishing House: Bombay, p.27.

[3] Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment: Accessed 10 May 2015.

13 thoughts on “Human beings – interconnected at an energetic level

    • Thanks, dear Amitav. A bit “heavier” post today – nice you call it “educating” 😉 and I’m glad you could enjoy it 🙂 I always find abstract theories to be precisely that “abstract” and in no way prove-able. For this reason, my preferred approach is to benefit from the general gist of any theories and then see how I can work with this on a “practical level” – hence here the reference to healing. Warm wishes, always, Sam 🙂


      • You are welcome, Sam. Yes you are right they may not be provable but we cannot deny telepathy and intuition. When we are connected to a person at a deeper level and we think of them or they visit our dreams and it so happens they either call or sends a message. What I am saying may be entirely out of context here. But again, when abstract things are looked at with keen eyes and from the heart and soul, the hidden meaning is revealed. Greetings, Amitav.

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  1. I agree. “We’re all healers, even though perhaps certain people have a more developed capacity in this area – either as a random outcome of their life circumstances or because they’ve dedicated themselves to strengthening these particular skills.”
    When we learn. Each of us can be a positive place or a negative one. A wise life lead with concern, kindness and love. I enjoyed your thoughts and I agree.

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      • John, I found your comment on and I just had to tell you I am in a position (by far easy) to stand firm by my conviction that the drugs and surgeries and endless invasive procedures that are pushed both on human and animal alike are very wrong. I take care of special cats and every time I must take one in to the vet, I find myself confronted with outright dislike from vet medicine for I refuse to put chemicals into my cats and that includes vaccines. I believe healing is gentle, based on Love. I will also only use traditional medicines when in absolute need. I ask you to keep me in prayer for I am about to speak to an Alternative Veterinarian who I hope we can afford financially and who can help some of my cats whose care I know can be improved, but is beyond my knowledge. This society we live in today is frightful in that medicine would like you to believe they have the power to tell you what to do, and when you refuse, they do and can make your life miserable … that is until you find the doctor/vet who has an open mind regarding alternative means of health.
        Thank you for both reading and listening. Bless you, John. ❤ Love, Amy ❤

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  2. Quite the insightful read, and I thank you. For the reasons you stated, my Intent is to focus on those aspects in Life that are based on Love, Peace, Joy, and Truth. And then to walk those things out. Quite a daunting task, if you ask me, for this world is so blinded by greed and corruption, and the Ways of Love have all but been forgotten. Bless you for the Path you walk. May your stay strong and committed. Love, Amy ❤

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    • Hi Amy, thanks so much for your extremely gracious feedback. It’s hugely appreciated. It’s a joy to meet you and to know that you make Love, Peace, Joy and Truth the focus of your daily life. This is greatly uplifting, especially because as you rightly say there is much in this world that is in contrast to that way of being. With warm wishes and love, Sam 🙂

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