Using the fruits of meditation in daily life

Meditation had brought spirituality to the forefront of Joy’s life. The results of her spiritual practice echoed throughout the day. It implied a state of consciousness and being that she endeavoured to work on at every moment. This brought with it a level of objectivity and detachment that was enabling her to more often observe and direct her thoughts, words and actions in everyday situations.

No longer being compartmentalised as a mere relaxation technique, meditation had gradually taken on more and more significance. It had become the channel through which Joy set the tone for her day and for her life. She now deemed her life to be a spiritual experiment. Meditation and contemplation of spiritual matters were for Joy a bridge to another – unseen – world. She could glean meaning about the significance of day-to-day living from that world which wasn’t physical.

To use the fruits of meditation in daily life was something Joy felt was intrinsically important. She became almost nauseous whenever she met people who purported to actively practise a spiritual or religious path, but who in daily life systematically acted and spoke with bigotry, intolerance, racism and other forms of selfishness. Nobody got it right all the time, of course – being human was a challenge. What was important, however, was the intention to interact with goodwill; and thereafter the effort made to act on that intention.

Joy had witnessed a transformation in her attitudes and thought processes as a result of her long-term, dedicated inner practice. She believed peace would only come to the Earth when people assumed responsibility for everything they said, did and thought; and that this would only be possible when they recognised the spiritual dimension of the human constitution. Whilst humans remained under the control of their lower minds, there would be no peace on the planet because the rational mind was innately divisive and separative. Joy had discovered that meditation was a spiritual tool that had the potential to facilitate an enlightened control of the mind, which could free humanity to demonstrate Love; Love – the essence of every woman and man.

 Excerpt from “My Name is Joy”


6 thoughts on “Using the fruits of meditation in daily life

  1. Hi Sam, In reading your excerpt taken from your wonderful book ‘My Name Is Joy’ I am instantly reminded of the poet WB Yeats, and how he wrote so passionately about ‘everything that lives is holy.’ Like him, you too write appreciatively of all that you have experienced, in particular your daily meditation routine and how it impacts greatly on your whole being. For me, you’re like the WordPress poster girl for dedicated inner practices!

    I agree ‘using the fruits’ is essential as it’s all too easy to pay ‘lip service’ to theory alone and not do the challenging work, which is putting the theory into daily practice. I whole-heartedly agree with and share your thoughts, feelings on how to achieve peace and often have thought, with not just my own childhood, but with many of my clients, ‘wouldn’t it just have been easier to love me.’

    ‘She now deemed her life to be a spiritual experiment’ … Oh my goddess, how my heart chuckled! I love how you continue to share your wisdom, spiritual insights with others through your blog and your excellent books. I’m already most excited about your latest book ‘Looking for Tantra’ as I know so little about the subject. One of my greatest joys in life so far has been to learn that sometimes you have to accept that your heart knows what to do. Love and blessings, Deborah.

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    • Dear Deborah, many thanks for your hugely kind comments, generous support of my writing and very insightful feedback. It’s always greatly appreciated. LOL, “the WordPress poster girl for dedicated inner practices”. That line had me giggling for some time 🙂 Love & blessings, Sam 🙂

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  2. Such beautiful words Sam… Yes Being Human is not always easy I will admit.. Meditation helps us reconnect within to that which we are whom we have forgotten.. It is now time to reconnect to ALL that we are and I for one have put more time away of late to spend more of it in Meditation..

    Thank you for sharing this except You are a very gifted BEing my friend 🙂 Love Sue ❤

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