Child-like and soul-conscious

Much can be achieved if adults learn from the openness and spontaneity of children. Seeing life through a child’s eyes – marvelling at every new experience, living immersed in what’s happening in that moment, quickly regaining balance after emotional upsets – is a useful tool for jaded adults. Children can be as much teachers to adults as adults are to children. This recognition brings renewed respect for the dignity of children. Being child-like (as opposed to childish) can be a great release from the rational mind, especially if it’s coupled with the wisdom of “soul-consciousness”. People with “soul-consciousness” could be defined as humans with a heightened sense of love, altruism, compassion and interconnectedness. This outer expression is demonstrative of an inner evolution: the movement beyond the rational mind into the realm of the transrational.

 Excerpt from “She Who Is Unto Herself”

12 thoughts on “Child-like and soul-conscious

  1. Dear Sam, I love your writing! This is a great passage taken from your excellent book. Oh yes! The innate beauty, purity and wonder of a child’s vision. Your words remind me, that every time I open my ‘child-like’ eyes to life, life becomes a truly magical place. I find myself in awe of this beautiful world that we all live in and before I forget … I must mention that (with this vision) I have noted that I feel in closer relationship with my body too. Listening to children talk is always captivating, I love the simple answers they spontaneously, and willingly offer to supposedly complex ‘adult’ issues. Most enlightening, most insightful … they, like your wonderful, heartening words, teach us well indeed! Love and blessings, Deborah.

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    • Thanks so much, Deborah, for your kind words in my regard and for providing some further, interesting perspectives on the value of being child-like as well as honouring the views of children. Btw: one of my favourite ‘social constructs’ are the Children’s Parliaments. Love & blessings also to you, Sam 🙂


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