Ephemeral inner peace

Inner journey

Despite her gratitude, each morning Joy woke up to a sense of incompleteness, which more often than not followed her throughout the day. Her spiritual practices helped her to gain some kind of perspective on this emotional and mental malaise. Yet, at the same time, Joy was convinced that meditation and contemplation had actually caused the unease to get stronger.

Some spiritual thinkers linked mental and emotional turmoil to the rational mind, saying it was its natural state of being. The lower mind, intrinsically connected with time and space, was always looking back or looking forwards, creating feelings of anxiety, fear, guilt, desire… Joy had found a partial liberation by her gradual recognition that she was not her rational mind, or rather, that her lower mind was only a part of who she was; a part that was pretending to be the whole; a part that was fooling the entire human race by keeping it imprisoned in the mental illusion of separateness, where greed and fear were the normal states of consciousness.

Joy knew all of this. It wasn’t just a theory for her. It was something she sensed to be the Truth very deep within herself. So, why was she unable to stay connected to a feeling of inner peace? Inner peace was in the now. She touched it at times – momentarily. It was a relief – that’s the best word to describe it – when she was in contact with it. She was only able to hold that state of consciousness for seconds, maybe minutes, however, then it vanished and she was once again painfully face-to-face with her dissatisfaction and unease.

Excerpt from My Name is Joy

Image courtesy of holohololand at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

22 thoughts on “Ephemeral inner peace

    • Cheers, Brad. Always appreciate you dropping by and commenting. I find I normally feel calm in meditation, or rather I can connect with Ananda (Joy). Why I think the restlessness increases outside of meditation is because the more we develop a relationship with our divine core, the less at ease we feel in the energetic frequency of the rational/emotional facet of our being. What do you think? Warmest greetings, Sam 🙂

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  1. Your provocative writing lingers, Sam. Deep insights…..

    Peace is elusive, at best.The dilemma forms when the pursuit of Peace precedes the pursuit of Love. The latter is required before the former is possible. More complexity is realized by understanding that the energetic flow within the Human Species must be in a state of complete Peace before any one individual can make such a claim. Again, to realize such an evironment, the force of unconditional Love must be present. Just another guy perspective…..

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    • Hey dear Rob, yes, I’m sure Men’s Health magazine and others are full of these kinds of “guy perspectives”, right 😉 Always a delight to read your feedback, which as ever is food for thought and contemplation 🙂 Thanks so much. I think the word “peace” means different things to different people. From my viewpoint, I wonder if peace is really any different from Joy (Ananda), and therefore, from unconditional love? Peace/Joy/Unconditional Love is our natural state below the various veils of illusion. At that level, we are All One – humanity, animal kingdom, plant kingdom, mineral kingdom – and the “just me” or “it’s all about me” attitude is non-existent. Just some girl thoughts 😉 Warmest greetings, Sam 🙂

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  2. Beautifully written, and extremely thought provoking. If meditation to seek out a peaceful mind only causes an exacerbation of our fears and anxieties, then where do we go to find it? I have discovered through personal experiences that we can’t depend on anyone but ourselves for happiness. Can anyone ever achieve a complete inner peace? Or will there always be something around to plague our thoughts and steal our joy?

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    • Thanks so much for your very kind feedback and extremely interesting comment. I totally agree with you that we cannot depend on anybody else or anything else for our happiness – this recognition is a step on the spiritual path. Once we realize this Truth, the task is to discover the ever-flowing river of Joy that flows within us. It doesn’t depend on anything. Even in painful, unpleasant situations, it is there and we can tap into it. Meditation offers us one channel to access this Joy, but it can also be creative outlets like dance and art. As I wrote to Brad, I believe our restlessness outside of moments of formal meditation might increase because the more we develop a relationship with our divine core, the less at ease we feel in the energetic frequency of the rational/emotional facet of our being. Warmest greetings, Sam 🙂

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  3. Wonderful post and thoughts on this subject Sam. Living in presence or “The Now” is exactly how I find peace in my day. Practising meditation each morning really helps me focus on this but it is a daily effort to call myself back time and time again. I do believe it has become easier, but it will be over a life time.

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  4. Dear Sam, Thank you for posting this wonderful excerpt from your excellent book “My Name is Joy.” All through my own soul evolution journey I too asked myself, time and time again, why do I wake and feel so wounded at being disconnected from the peace, joy and bliss I experience within … and one night a remedy of sorts came to me in the form of a dream.

    A man’s voice told me that I was meditating in the wrong place and that (for me) my meditation practice would work best outside. ‘Take your troubles to the trees’ he said, ‘take it to the river for there you will experience inseparability.’ And so I did, I took it to the trees and parks, and walked with my sense of disconnection along the river’s edge and across many a stream until I found myself in the woods.

    There I looked at the trees and clearly saw the collaboration of nature. A trunk, roots, branches, leaves and blossoms. Hmm I thought, a tree can only survive if all of its separate parts cooperatively work together for mutual benefit. Ah, I grasped! Nature rewards cooperation and it was there in the middle of those woods that I fully realised that my consciousness and unconscious, although separate, were actually working together in perfect harmony.

    Then I reflected on how long I had been studying my inner life, so much so, that I had forgotten what the beautiful outer one looked like. And how nature (including my own) punishes those who take more than their fair share. I guess in this way resources (however defined) are fairly distributed and no one tree or one person or one flower can monopolize all the available resources. I needed one foot in each world, not both in my inner world.

    It was like a light firing into my mind as I unearthed the key to my sense of soul separation. As I looked around the woods further I noticed that all the life, and species there were living together in harmony with each other in a balanced community. In that moment, the woods turned into a visual representation of my psyche, and while my heart was registering the encounter, my mind-body-soul connected once more on such a deep level, that I fell to my knees in wonder, and utter surrender.

    I understand that all of us will be holding our own unique images, and symbols within, those wonderful images which help us to reconnect … for whenever I am feeling lost I search online for new pictures of woods, trees and rivers and feel connected once more. Even better, I slip on walking boots and off I go! I am fortunate to also live only a few minutes walk from the glorious sea, pure inspiration. Love and blessings always, Deborah.

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    • Dear Deborah, thank you so much for your very beautiful comments, which sparked many thoughts my end. It’s amazing that you have such insightful dreams! I’ve read about other of your dreams through your poetry. What a fantastic ability you have to access deeper wisdom through the dream state. Your feedback that: “I needed one foot in each world, not both in my inner world” is very much a tantric concept, and one I entirely resonate with. My next article in More to Life Magazine, which is due out later this year, will echo some of the points you make about the mind-body-soul connection that can be achieved through contact with nature. And I share your propensity to “slip on walking boots” anytime I feel disconnected or in need of inspiration. Glory be to Mother Earth! Love & blessings, Sam 🙂


      • “Glory be to Mother Earth!” … Oh I LOVE that! 🙂

        Am so pleased my heart and words spoke to you. Nature was there way before us psychotherapists came into being, and no doubt will be there long after too.

        I hope the day finds you well. Blessings, Deborah

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  5. Sometimes our expectations are such we are our own worst enemies..We are perfect as we are, with all of our imperfections..
    Do not our faults help us to aim to be better? and our challenges strengthen and mould us to who we are today via the trauma’s we have experienced..
    We seek external means to reach those states of being which we are taught bring happiness.. Yet even those who have everything are not content…
    We are here to learn about Love and finding that Inner Peace.. It is a journey all of us are on.. And each of us are unique .. Learning how to let go of our outer world and find contentedness within our Inner world we often travel along various paths, but all roads lead us to the final destination one step at a time..

    Lovely share dear Sam.. thank you

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