Anchoring our consciousness in the transrational


What we know of human consciousness is likely to be only a fraction of what’s humanly possible. We seem to be mostly aware of the physiological and rational capacities of our human bodies and minds. Yet, I assume we’ve all heard the statistics about the tiny portion of our brains that we actually use, notwithstanding the fact that the remaining parts haven’t atrophied, which would plausibly be the case if they weren’t being utilized in some way – perhaps in a way that we’re not yet consciously aware of. Moreover, Tantra and Taoism suggest that each and every cell of the body has consciousness i.e. our organ of awareness is not solely the brain/mind. In Tantra, we’re encouraged to explore the elements of the human consciousness that are most evident, embodying and transforming our innate drives and responses rather than resisting or denying them; yet, at the same time, we’re asked to open ourselves to those areas of human consciousness that aren’t so readily accessible from the vantage point of ordinary awareness (the day-to-day rational/emotional state). As such, Tantra promotes the integration of body, mind and spirit. It rejects no facet of physicality i.e. Tantra neither negates nor dominates – attitudes that are typical of modernism.[1] Instead, tantric practices are very much concerned with consciously experiencing what it means to be human, with awareness and non-attachment; yet, at the same time, transcending the rationality of modernity/postmodernity and anchoring our consciousness (more) firmly in the transrational.[2] This is possible if, as practitioners of Tantra, we “have passed through the modern rationality, and know and acknowledge it. […] [and] do not decide between spirituality and rationality, but integrate both”[3].

Extract from “Looking for Tantra”

Image c/o John Hain on Pixabay

[1] Dietrich, W. (2012) Interpretations of Peace in History and Culture. Palgrave Macmillan: London & New York.

[2] Ibid.

[3] Ibid, p.266.

21 thoughts on “Anchoring our consciousness in the transrational

  1. Dear Sam, thank you for sharing this is rich, insightful excerpt taken from your latest book, “Looking for Tantra” a spiritual book I highly recommend to all your readers. I fully appreciate how you guide us wisely towards integrating the tension of the opposites between rationality and spirituality, and ask us not to choose one over the other but to integrate both. Ah! Integration is also proving to be my theme of the week thus far as I am currently exploring body consciousness from another, slightly different, Jungian lens.

    I deeply resonate with these words, “Moreover, Tantra and Taoism suggest that each and every cell of the body has consciousness i.e. our organ of awareness is not solely the brain/mind.” These days there are many wonderful books highlighting the importance of body consciousness, and I recall the delight, surprise and shock myself when first reading this subject matter during my training years. “The Body Remembers” by Babette Rothschild particularly stands out. Love the image you’ve used, pitch perfect! Blessings, Deborah.

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    • Thanks so much, Deborah 🙂 I think awareness of our body’s consciousness is hugely important, and something that is largely denied by mainstream Western society. How many things would be done differently if we honoured the body’s ability to remember, heal and “reveal”. Love & blessings, Sam 🙂

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  2. I believe whole heartedly that each cell is connected dear Sam.. And how they are also influenced by the vibrations of our thought patterns..We can literally Heal and regenerate new cells and destroy offending ones with the power of thought if the right intent is generated..

    I always find it fascinating when I think of myself as a small child.. I am the same and yet I am not. for each cell has been replenished and renewed .. Daily our cells die, and we create new ones.. Our vibrations of thought help keep us fit or affect our wellness..
    So too I feel as a collective our thoughts are all part of the consciousness of this planet..
    Mind-boggling, yet super simple .. If we could all of us keep a check on what type of vibrations we put out there.. 🙂

    You are one very wise lady dear Sam… 🙂
    Love and Blessings xxx

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  3. Sam, thanks for the recent follow. I dropped by your site yesterday and was intrigued as what you have to say is similar to what I have found and am finding to be directional in life. I followed back. Looking forward to the conversation.

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      • Thanks Sam. I was referred to your blog the other day in a dream. When I went over it that evening I didn’t know quite what the dream was referring to. However, as soon as your name popped up in my mentions this morning, I knew exactly what the dream had been referring to.
        I’m curious to see how this path unfolds.

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