Quest for Self-Knowledge

MandalaJoy remembered when she had moved out of the flat with Jim and found herself alone for the first time in many years. She had experienced a severe crisis. Although perhaps outwardly nobody noticed, at night she cried, imploring the Universe – or whatever It was – to show her the way forward, to end the stagnation into which she felt she had fallen. Ever since she had developed a spiritual orientation in life, rejecting the more materialistic approach, she seemed to have struggled. It was as if all her efforts had led to nothing; as if she were no longer in the flow of life; as if she were swimming upstream.

Joy knew that, despite that cry to the Universe all those years ago, she continued to experience only pockets of apparent success in her personal and professional life for a long time afterwards. Nevertheless, she recognised that during those years of difficulty and struggle she had built up her inner strength, and expanded her understanding of the physical plane and its relationship with the non-visible world This unseen world had nothing to do with the psychic phenomena of spiritualism and mediumship. Joy never had any of those experiences and didn’t aspire to have any either. Rather, her desire was for an understanding of the nature of the energies that give meaning and purpose to existence – to the microcosm of her individual life and the macrocosmic totality of sentient and non-sentient forms.

Joy thought about her quest for self-knowledge. She felt her life to be like a ship that was on course for a destination as yet unknown. The illusion of the rational mind as the captain of that ship had been revealed to her. But if not her personality, who or what was indeed steering the ship? Joy had found a partial answer to that question. When she managed to focus fully in the moment, to be consciously aware of the here and now, she was able to dis-identify with the voice in her head and, in so doing, to recognise an aspect of her self that lay beyond her intellect. The more she experienced this energy field beyond her lower mind, the more she could sense her potential for non-selfish love and conscious unity.

Extract from my book “My Name is Joy”


11 thoughts on “Quest for Self-Knowledge

  1. You have presented an aspect not too unlike what many of us experience. Life goes on in our spiritual experience without too much ado in becoming important or rich, especially if one is on the spiritual path.
    True riches are in the inside. Some have many voices to erase on the path to getting down to that one aspect that grounds them and unifies them with the universe. But once the energy field is found, the old physical knowledge and thrusting for recognition no more bears hold. One has found the secret of how it all works. One does not have to become important. They are important. They are now integral t the shaping of the universe.

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  2. Hi Sam, It’s simply wonderful to read your excerpt! Immediately, I want to run over to my book shelves and pull out my own copy of your amazing first book and start reading it over again! ‘My Name is Joy’ is such a deep joy to read!

    I truly believe that ‘quest’ is at the heart of what we do, it’s our spiritual Holy Grail.

    As someone who loves words, I can’t help but notice that the word ‘question’ already contains the word ‘quest’ within it … therefore we are pointed in the direction of the answer, even as we ask our questions.

    Perhaps our quest in life ends only when we stop asking questions, of which we know there are never certain answers.

    Throughout your book I observed that Joy asked so many important questions along the way, this indeed was her quest. In my experience I notice the important questions, are often the ones we’re quick to avoid.

    Here’s one I asked myself, ‘Am I a poet?’ until I could find the answer through my own quest I could not answer the question. I hope all of this makes sense. Love and blessings, Deborah.

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    • Dear Deborah, thanks so much for your very interesting feedback, making a correlation between a ‘question’ and a ‘quest’ and seeing the “Heart” as the possible bridge between the two. I had never considered this connection in this way before, so it gives me much food for thought 🙂 Love & blessings, Sam 🙂


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