Moving through limiting life circumstances

GirlJoy’s physical support system had crumbled again, and the way ahead in her life remained blocked. Gino, who shared Joy’s need for a subtle balance between movement and stability, recognised her struggle. “Remember that you can find strength from spiritual sources,” he said to her compassionately in one of her moments of deep disorientation. “You yourself have told me that the physical is transitory. When your exoteric support structures have disappeared, you can access your power from the esoteric.”

Although Gino’s words revealed no new perspective to Joy, they greatly aided her to find a point of balance. Gino was aware of the subtle dimensions of life. His support was crucial to her because he was able to advise and encourage her without dragging her back under the veil of illusion.

Joy found her breakdown hard to accept because she had believed that she’d learned to hold the high ground over her emotions in any situation. Instead, she discovered that the vicissitudes of life were still able to provoke bitterness and depression in her. Maybe breakdowns are always a part of life? Perhaps what’s important is how we respond to them? Joy was aware that even in the depths of this current crisis a feeling of purpose lay just below the surface of her gloom. She recognised that her faith was growing stronger, enabling her to reorient herself more quickly after a breakdown than in her younger years.

“I need movement, Gino.” When life appeared stagnant, producing no new beginnings or continuations, Joy would feel the urgent need for physical movement. “I have to walk to give me the impression of going forwards and breaking through the limbo.”

“OK, amore, let’s go to the hills at Sataf,” replied Gino with a clear note of encouragement in his voice. “Movement can be of an inner kind too, though. The things you do like yoga and meditation are a type of esoteric movement.”

Gino regularly practised a self-styled yoga technique in which he sensed and directed the energy flow in his body. Through gentle stretches, he was able to detect and dissolve knots of stagnant energy, tapping into his body’s innate intelligence, which – when not interfered with by negative emotions, destructive thoughts or toxic chemicals – was every human being’s most powerful medium for health and wellbeing.

Joy was thoughtful. She saw the wisdom in Gino’s words.

ButterflyTwo or three times a week during this period of crisis, they drove to the hills around Jerusalem, where they walked in silence. Each step Joy took helped her to detach, reorient and realign. She focused her attention on the movement of nature: the sun slowly setting; the swallows darting hither and thither; the insects hovering over the foliage; the pleasant breeze that enveloped her.

Excerpt from my book “My Name is Joy”

Photos: Girl – 422694 on Pixabay; Butterfly – janeb13 on Pixabay

13 thoughts on “Moving through limiting life circumstances

  1. As one who has experienced her share of breakthroughs via breakdowns, I so appreciated this post. I too have found that physical movement can be encouraging and empowering. It doesn’t even need to be at the triathlete standard. Just regular, sustained movement for 30 minutes or more a day. Thanks as always for sharing from your heart and soul to support us on our journeys to wholeness.

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    • Thanks so much for your very kind words, Deborah, and for sharing your valuable experience and perspective. It’s much appreciated. Love & blessings, Sam 🙂


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