About me


My name’s Sam Red. I’m the author of three books, which are featured on this blog: “My Name is Joy” (2013),  “She Who Is Unto Herself” (2014) and “Looking for Tantra” (2015). All of my books are available on Amazon. And if you happen to be in Basel, Switzerland, you can also find them in the Bider & Tanner bookstore.

Spiritual issues have interested me ever since I had an existential crisis in my late 20s. Before then, I was definitely “mainstream” i.e. I used to equate my “I” with my rational mind and the most important thing in my life was to have a high-paying job, buy a big house and a snazzy sports car. I’ve no idea what brought on my existential crisis, but it lead to a search for spiritual truth and meaning, which over the last 20 years has brought me in contact with Taoism, Reiki, the Arcane School and most recently Tantra. By putting my experiences and contemplations down in books, articles and this blog, my intention is to exchange information with other people who might be treading a similar path.

Many thanks again for visiting my site.

Love & blessings


Sam 3

45 thoughts on “About me

  1. A pleasure to meet you Sam and learn more about you. Thank you for following my blog, I will certainly take time to visit yours as well. I hope your day is a happy one! 🙂


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