Changes sometimes take time to surface

I used to meet a woman with a dog each morning as I walked to work. Since this was happening on a daily basis, I eventually felt it was the polite thing to do to greet her as she walked by. The woman didn’t return the greeting. I continued to greet her each morning for a number of weeks and she continued to ignore me. One day when I’d obviously got out of the wrong side of bed and was feeling a bit moody, as I saw her coming I told myself: OK, she never says hello anyway, so today I’m also not going to say hello. As I walked passed her in silence with my eyes down, I heard her say: “Gruezi” (“Hello” in Swiss German). Totally taken by surprise, I smiled and turned excitedly to shout gruezi back!

I  had learnt an important lesson: always believe, never give up, keep smiling, keep being positive even when you don’t see the result immediately. Changes may be going on at a deeper level and might take time to surface. Continue reading