Cosmic jokes

Upstairs has a definite sense of humour i.e. sometimes the Universe likes to play cosmic jokes on us, which can be very funny. A regular way these jokes show up is by way of synchronistic moments. For example, last Christmas, my partner indicated his intention to buy me a piece of jewellery as a present. Neither he nor I are persons to follow social conventions like buying gifts for Christmas, so I was a little surprised by this suggestion. All the same, I liked the idea of being spoilt (!) so I let him know I’d really like a ring or a bracelet. I love fashion jewellery – some stunningly beautiful pieces at much more affordable prices than the more traditional jewellery. So, one day when we were in the town centre, I tried to encourage my partner to keep his promise. However, no matter how many shops I endeavoured to take him to, where there were some wonderful pieces of jewellery, he showed no inclination to go through with his initial suggestion. I wasn’t too bothered about it, although I remember thinking it would have been nice.

That same evening, we pulled one of the Christmas crackers (a very English tradition) that my mother had sent us. (She never tires, year after year, to try to encourage me to get into the Christmas spirit.) Inside these crackers there’s always a small gift. Well, lo and behold, what fell out of the cracker? A ring, of course! Ok, it was plastic (!) as is the norm for such gifts, but it was an attractive blue colour and exactly the shape I would have wanted had my partner bought me a ring at one of the shops that day. Continue reading