Looking for Tantra

Synopsis of book

Why did the West put Tantra in the box of erotic sex? How did this conceptual degradation of a millennia-old spiritual path come about? And where, or what, is the real Tantra? In answer to these questions, Sam Red refers to her research, contemplations and direct experiences of the basics of the tantric theoretical framework. In typically candid, inspirational and oftentimes provocative and humorous style, she draws parallels with Taoism and points to tantric techniques that can be used to bring a greater sense of purpose, joy and self-empowerment into everyday living.

ISBN 978-1-78507-505-6


  1. “Sensory pursuits” published in The Best You Magazine, August 2015 edition: The Best You Magazine August 2015 – Sam Red article

  2. “Tantra and Self Empowerment” – published in More to Life Magazine, Edition 33, November 2015: Sam Red – Tantra and Self Empowerment, More to Life Mag Edition 33

Buying options

“Looking for Tantra” is available on Amazon UK and Amazon US and also at the Bider & Tanner bookstore in Basel, Switzerland

See also Sam Red author page: amazon.com/author/samred

4 thoughts on “Looking for Tantra

  1. Dear Sam, huge congratulations on the publication of this, your third book, “Looking for Tantra.” As soon as I unwrapped it (Christmas present!) and saw the beautiful Goddess Lakshmi on the cover I knew I would, once again, be in for another amazing treat. I did laugh to myself because I felt the Cosmos was nudging me to write the second part of my ‘The Way of the Dream’ article. Evidently, this Goddess has much to say to me at the moment! As ever, I absolutely love the book’s look, soft velvety feel, and great design.

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this wonderful book and feel I have learnt much about Tantra, Taoism and also enjoyed being introduced to the other spiritual paths you mention. There are numerous roads to take on the spiritual path I realise, the choices are abundant. There seems ‘a way’ for everyone but not everyone will be suited to the main paths. I love your open, humanistic, non-judgmental approach to soul evolution and how you explore a number of paths without preaching to the reader, “this is the way, and it’s the only way.”

    Your divine knowledge is so rich and inspiring, clearly reflecting many years of in-depth study. I enjoyed hearing about the various courses you’ve attended and relished your ‘massage’ story. You deliver the book with just the right balance between information and personal stories. It’s a wonderful combination! I had no idea of what Tantra was before I started reading and you have expanded my awareness greatly. You ask all the important questions. I was particularly struck by, “What can I give back to my body” … ‘Planet’ was my next thought.

    Generously you give the reader clear instruction on many spiritual practices and exercises throughout your brilliant book. Rarely have I seen such munificence by an author as many appear somewhat hesitant or reluctant to share with their readers on such deeply personal levels. I feel that what you have communicated in this book is extraordinary and will be most helpful to many, who like myself, had little knowledge of ‘Tantra’ that is until I came looking! Many thanks for writing and sharing your wisdom, insight and love. Blessings, Deborah.

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    • Dear Deborah
      Happy New Year! I hope 2016 is a beautiful and fulfilling year for you and your family!
      Thanks so much for reading my book “Looking for Tantra” and for sharing your wonderful perspectives. Your hugely generous comments totally touch my heart and inspire me to keep going with my writing, although I’m in an “explorative cycle” at the moment, so no book 4 anyway in sight. We’ll see what the Goddess has in mind for me in the future. I do love writing, so I hope I “feel the inner urge” again to put pen to paper.
      As you say, I try to balance information and personal stories. The reason being I’m no “teacher” or “preacher”, just somebody attempting to integrate spiritual theories and practices into her life. I endeavour only to discuss things I’ve tried out personally since that is the only way to “know” anything concretely. Tantra is all about being open to all possibilities, hence allowing each person to follow the path that best suits them, as you point out.
      “Looking for Tantra” is my introduction to this spiritual world view. My learning is ongoing and I’m currently enjoying going deeper into the subject matter. Often, in the course of my research, I’ve been surprised at how “tantric” my viewpoint has been for some years already, even before I knew anything about Tantra. I guess for that reason I’m feeling drawn to continue my exploration of this spiritual path.
      I’m glad you liked the “massage” story 😉 He’s, in fact, a very lovely person, with a strong spiritual perspective – as I discovered a bit after the episode recounted.
      Thanks again for your warmth and support.
      With gratitude, love & blessings
      Sam 🙂


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