My Name is Joy

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Joy’s life is punctuated by the waves of a deep, existential crisis, which spurs her on to the path of self-discovery. She comes to realise that relationships imply more than intimate relations with men. Joy seeks to live using the spiritual insights she discovers about the human mind/emotions and the etheric web of energy that interconnects all life forms. She experiments with what she believes is the human potential for creative manifestation, visioning a place called The Haven, where philanthropic projects are underway.

Despite her spiritual knowledge, Joy struggles with the vicissitudes of life, including unemployment and the death of loved ones. She finds her soul mate in Gino, who helps her to address the crises she faces without pulling her back under the veil of mind-made illusions.

In time, The Haven becomes a reality, exactly as she had imagined it. Joy, however, has grown; one evening, through her concerted spiritual will, she transits out of her physical body.

ISBN 978-1-909593-41-1

“My Name is Joy” is available on Amazon UK and Amazon US and also at the Bider & Tanner bookstore in Basel, Switzerland

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13 thoughts on “My Name is Joy

  1. Within the last ten minutes I have finished this, your amazing debut book ‘My Name is Joy.’ From the moment I first unwrapped it yesterday and sensed it’s warm, soft velvety feel I knew I would be in for a real treat. It was a truly incredible read, and it is only now that I finally understand why my poem ‘A Liberated Sheep ….’ had such an enormous effect on you.

    What an abundant spiritual harvest you give your readers. I love how you follow and share your interior seasons. How in winter, beneath the dark water under ice, the soul was still there, just below the surface. Ever waiting, ever watchful. You gift us wisdom and enlightenment. You teach that if things are to come together in a new way, they must first come apart. Many, many times.

    These biblical words just came to mind .. ‘and the light shone into the darkness and the darkness couldn’t comprehend it.’ All I know is this Sam, that while reading your book today I left Chronos time and entered the mystical realm of Kairos. It’s as simple and as magical as that. Lastly, while it may have been your beautiful, inspiring words that carried the message, I feel certain it was your heart and soul that carried the chords.

    Blessings, Deborah

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    • Dear Deborah, what beautiful and inspiring feedback. I’m totally touched and delighted. Thank you so much for both reading my book and sending me these amazing comments. It truly means a lot to me to get this gift of words and feeling from you – a “like-mind”. Writing “My Name is Joy” and my other books wasn’t solely a “rational” act, as you say. Writing – as is true of other forms of artistic endeavour – offers us all a gateway to connect with more subtle/energetic aspects of our being that can be conceived of as heart, soul, intuition, spirit, etc. In so doing, artistic expression can provide us with a way to understand ourselves more deeply and, thereby, to come in touch with new insights and perspectives. This is clearly demonstrated in your own wonderful poetry, which both comes from a transrational dimension and sparks a resonance at that same level within the persons who read or hear it. Love & blessings, Sam 🙂


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