She Who Is Unto Herself

Synopsis of book

Unless we have already become enlightened gods and goddesses, we all have needs for security, love, belonging, etc. Sometimes our needs and desires are not met by our life circumstances, which can make us feel distressed, discouraged, overwhelmed, etc. Using examples from her own life, and referring to tantric, taoist and other theoretical frameworks, Sam Red encourages us to become the master of our reactions and responses. She proposes techniques based on mindfulness, relaxation, hope/faith, connecting with nature, loving with awareness and accepting suffering. Moreover, she asks us to explore our identity beyond what we know of ourselves as rational, emotional beings so that we can live our lives in a more empowered and self-sustaining way.

ISBN: 978-1-78507-152-2

“She Who is Unto Herself” is available on Amazon UK and Amazon US and also at the Bider & Tanner bookstore in Basel, Switzerland

See also Sam Red author page:

7 thoughts on “She Who Is Unto Herself

  1. Hi Sam,

    I finished your beautiful second book, ‘She Who Is Unto Herself’ last night and slept what I call ‘the sleep of angels’ as I turned those last two words ‘divine purpose’ over and over again. I fell asleep smiling, I remember that clearly. What a joy this book has been! Comparable to your first book ‘My Name is Joy’ I love its soft, velvety feel and beautiful cover. My family and friends have all remarked on the appearance of your book when they’ve seen it lying around the house. Aha! You see it’s been following me around from room to room since the stork delivered it on Sunday.

    I love the way you write Sam, your open thoughts, peaceful, loving words that flow superbly, like a smooth conversation. The richness and depth of wisdom and insights that you so willingly share is exceptional. You give us everything and the reader intuits this straightaway. I greatly enjoyed learning about many different spiritual practices and theories including your own observations on the ‘emotional pain body.’ I delighted in exploring the idea around ‘life being a spiritual experiment’ … most enlightening! The quotes you have included within your text are always relevant and often they blew me away! Ha-ha! Adding even more books to my ever growing Amazon wishlist.

    “Real freedom is enjoyed only by the liberated. And the liberated must never get attached.” Wow!
    Your exploration around the theme of ‘Isolation’ totally captivated me, in particular helping me to understand the times when I also subject myself to self-imposed isolation, feeling distance yet close all at the same time. I valued your anecdotes immensely, which I felt added even more warmth and compassion to your storyline. Number five in particular was so difficult to read, yet so imperative to speak out about.

    I have nothing but the greatest praise for this astonishing second book of yours which is truly magnificent! I would highly recommend that your readers purchase a copy themselves. Your existential and spiritual ponderings are superb! I am so thrilled that I have been able to read you chronologically, learn more about you and your deeper explorations of other spiritual practices of which I am not familiar … and watch, as you move ever closer, towards your own soul evolution. Your name is Joy indeed! Already looking forward to book three.

    Love and blessings, Deborah.

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    • Wow! Thanks so much, Deborah, for your wonderful comments! I’m truly touched that you’ve read my second book also now. I really appreciate these hugely kind words and your very interesting and valuable feedback. “She Who Is Unto Herself” (self-help book) is a totally different register to “My Name is Joy” (novel), although the subject matter is the same – just an evolution of ideas as you say – so I’m thrilled that you’ve enjoyed it too. Thanks so much again for your support and encouragement! Love & blessings, Sam 🙂


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