Foundations of Empowerment

If you feel inspired, please check out my latest article in the 35th edition of More to Life Magazine, which is entitled “Foundations of Empowerment”. To give you a taster, it starts as follows:

“The art of living an empowered life is a bit like walking on a razor edge between: having faith that our life circumstances are serving a purpose (surrender) – unmet needs are also learning opportunities; and acknowledging the areas in our lives where we’d like to see improvements and, thereafter, making changes, no matter how small, so that we get the feeling of co-creating the reality we wish to manifest (direct action).“

To read the full article, please see pages 36-38 below or on the following link: “Foundations of Empowerment” – article in More to Life Magazine.

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Surrendering to Life

Joy felt as if she were living in No (Wo)Man’s Land – between the temporal and the universal. It was an unenviable place between two worlds. Tired of her lower state of consciousness, she was learning in her meditation practice to focus her awareness at a level beyond everyday emotions and thinking. When she managed it, she immediately felt very peaceful. She was determined to make peace her habitual state of mind – not just during those minutes of meditation but throughout the entire day. Somehow she had to achieve this. She couldn’t keep living as if part of her self were dead; as if she couldn’t wait to get through life – to get to the end. There had to be more meaning, more significance to this experience of living life as a human.

Joy was aware that her physical body was never fully relaxed. Whenever she stopped to take notice, she realised that she was frowning, clenching her fists or holding her breath. She found it required all her efforts to achieve relaxation. As soon as she took her mind off the task, she discovered her muscles had tensed up again. She remembered the times her father, Dino, had taken her on a short holiday somewhere. Those were the rare occasions when she felt relaxed for slightly longer periods – hours, maybe even days. She would allow herself to be like a child again. Continue reading

Changes sometimes take time to surface

I used to meet a woman with a dog each morning as I walked to work. Since this was happening on a daily basis, I eventually felt it was the polite thing to do to greet her as she walked by. The woman didn’t return the greeting. I continued to greet her each morning for a number of weeks and she continued to ignore me. One day when I’d obviously got out of the wrong side of bed and was feeling a bit moody, as I saw her coming I told myself: OK, she never says hello anyway, so today I’m also not going to say hello. As I walked passed her in silence with my eyes down, I heard her say: “Gruezi” (“Hello” in Swiss German). Totally taken by surprise, I smiled and turned excitedly to shout gruezi back!

I  had learnt an important lesson: always believe, never give up, keep smiling, keep being positive even when you don’t see the result immediately. Changes may be going on at a deeper level and might take time to surface. Continue reading

Purpose of existence

Purpose. Of existence defies all logic;
Logic. Has scant place in the scheme of things.
Trials indicate progress made,
Allow yourself not to slumber into gloom.
Move on towards the Summit,
Lean on the strength of stillness.
The wind and the blossoms will enfold you,
Rest in their soothing embrace.
In silence the Heart is open,
The Path is clear and can be trodden.
Fall not prey to hatred and deceit,
Steps thus taken carry no weight.
The Light awaits you,
You who are not alone.

 Excerpt from “My Name is Joy”.

Distinguishing between will and desire

It’s important to distinguish between ego-oriented personality will, which I deem to be synonymous with desire, and the transrational (spiritual) will. In short, will and desire aren’t the same thing. Sometimes, it might seem we’re unable to manifest into physical reality the people, events or things we believe we need in order to feel fulfilled. However, this apparent stagnation might well be symptomatic of a disconnect between our ego desires and the will of our transrational self[1]. This transrational will is an inner drive, which we unconsciously or consciously feel, that urges us to move ever forwards, to continue searching for our existential purpose and field of service. Continue reading

What’s your unique gift to life?

Have faith in yourself and your unique abilities. Know yourself to be powerful. Each one of us is like a piece of a jigsaw puzzle. We’re each essential because if even just one piece of the otherwise finished jigsaw is missing the picture is incomplete and the jigsaw doesn’t fulfil its potential. On the other hand, the single jigsaw piece on its own is totally meaningless and incomprehensible; its value and significance is seen when it fits into the puzzle as a whole. Therefore, each one of us is unique. We can bring our own quality and gift to life. It’s the feeling/being that’s important, not so much the doing. Some of us will have what look like better life opportunities than others, but we all have the same chance to bring joy and love into our interactions with those around us. No matter if we hold a supposedly important social or professional position, or we’re just a mother, husband, son, etc. any playing ground is a perfect place for us to shine our own particular light. I believe the gift I can bring to each day I’m alive is heartfelt warmth and care, radiated through a smile, which creates an easy connection with people. What’s your unique gift?

Excerpt from “She Who Is Unto Herself”.