Smiling – an indicator of spiritual success

Can you smile even when you’re hurting inside? If you can smile in the midst of your own personal storms then that’s a huge victory in your day; something immeasurably worthwhile.

Let’s consider what we give value to. If we want to live an inspired and empowered life, we need to give value to our inner work and its application in outer circumstances. If we continue to give priority value to outer aspects like job, possessions, physical beauty, then of course the small inner victories – like a beaming smile or empathic hug – will ring hollow. Instead, these small gestures have the potential to be indicators of true authenticity and spiritual success.

Excerpt from “She Who Is Unto Herself”

Inspirational Human Beings – Diana Mossop

Diana MossopA woman who has inspired me ever since I first met her around 20 years ago is Diana Mossop. Diana has created a range of vibrational remedies under the PHYTOBIOPHYSICS® label. These remedies promote healing on the four levels of consciousness: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. I can testify that Diana’s products really do work. On more than one occasion, I’ve healed myself of a health condition using her vibrational remedies.

The text below is taken from Diana’s internet page.


The Mossop philosophy is an exciting and relevant scientific approach to the problems of humankind that incorporates modern knowledge, traditional therapies and ancient wisdom. Above all it is a means of accurately assessing causal factors of disease. PHYTOBIOPHYSICS® is the registered trade mark of Diana’s products and the definition of the Mossop Philosophy is the science of plant energy – the use of the infinite energy of plants to restore balance and harmony to people of the world on all levels of consciousness: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.

The primary remedial aspect of the Mossop Philosophy is the use of the vibrational energy of plants. Continue reading

Flying through the storm

Life is like being in an airplane. When turbulence hits, no matter how bad it gets you have no choice but to stay on board and fly through the storm. There’s no chance to stop the plane and get off, which is why – personally – I prefer train travel!

If life isn’t currently providing us with the opportunities we wish for, and believe we deserve, it’s not that we’ve done something wrong or that we’re not good enough. We shouldn’t give ourselves, or others, a hard time when our lives don’t match our hopes or expectations. In fact, we should be very proud of ourselves if we can engage fully in our lives, with a positive disposition towards the people around us, even if we’re facing challenging circumstances personally. We can all love others when we feel loved ourselves. But can we feel love and bring joy into other people’s lives when we feel hurt, disappointed, betrayed? Continue reading

Cellular consciousness

I think all of us can remember a moment in our lives when people have suddenly commented on how great we look. It often happens when we’re newly in love. There’s something about our aura that’s simply radiant. What changed so suddenly in our appearance? Maybe we didn’t even have a new haircut and we’re still wearing the same clothes we always did. The difference is clearly of an energetic nature – something intrinsically innate, something at the cellular level. Our cells radiating a joyous vibration through all the etheric pores of our being.

Tantric and Taoist worldviews both promote the concept that our cells have intelligence/consciousness. Who is the I that speaks so loudly in our heads? It’s only one part of ourselves; a part that pretends to be the whole. Our bodies are not just a casing to keep the voice in our heads alive. Continue reading