Embraced by immanent divine love

I’ve discovered a point of consciousness inside me that is forever content, blissful, trusting and at peace. This is what I understand to be heart energy. I can access it at any moment; it’s only difficult to find when my rational mind is working overtime. In my experience, this energy seems to have two locations – in the area of the heart chakra, as expected, and also in the area of the third eye chakra. Perhaps these two energy centres are very intimately connected, so if one is energised it naturally stimulates the other? This point of consciousness brings calm in any situation if I can access it. It causes my body to stand erect – straightening my spine; and at the same time, it relaxes my muscles. It makes me take a deep breath and smile. As well as absorbing this heart energy, I can also radiate it outwards to others through the power of my intention, and for this reason, it enables me to remain open to people I interact with, irrespective of whether the relationship is good or bad. It is, I believe, a quality of being which is spoken of – albeit in different ways – by many religious and spiritual traditions. Tapping heart energy and then holding your intention to radiate it out of your third eye chakra is referred to by some energetic practices of Eastern origin as smiling through your third eye. Continue reading

Smiling – an indicator of spiritual success

Can you smile even when you’re hurting inside? If you can smile in the midst of your own personal storms then that’s a huge victory in your day; something immeasurably worthwhile.

Let’s consider what we give value to. If we want to live an inspired and empowered life, we need to give value to our inner work and its application in outer circumstances. If we continue to give priority value to outer aspects like job, possessions, physical beauty, then of course the small inner victories – like a beaming smile or empathic hug – will ring hollow. Instead, these small gestures have the potential to be indicators of true authenticity and spiritual success.

Excerpt from “She Who Is Unto Herself”

Changes sometimes take time to surface

I used to meet a woman with a dog each morning as I walked to work. Since this was happening on a daily basis, I eventually felt it was the polite thing to do to greet her as she walked by. The woman didn’t return the greeting. I continued to greet her each morning for a number of weeks and she continued to ignore me. One day when I’d obviously got out of the wrong side of bed and was feeling a bit moody, as I saw her coming I told myself: OK, she never says hello anyway, so today I’m also not going to say hello. As I walked passed her in silence with my eyes down, I heard her say: “Gruezi” (“Hello” in Swiss German). Totally taken by surprise, I smiled and turned excitedly to shout gruezi back!

I  had learnt an important lesson: always believe, never give up, keep smiling, keep being positive even when you don’t see the result immediately. Changes may be going on at a deeper level and might take time to surface. Continue reading

Playing the game of life

Tantra suggests that we don’t take life, or ourselves, too seriously, and that we engage in all our activities and relationships with a level of playfulness. This in no way implies giving up our sense of personal responsibility or empathy. Rather, the aim is to transcend the rational mind’s tendency to make everything appear arduous, hard work and a means to an end.[1]  “Gracious one, play. The universe is an empty shell wherein your mind frolics infinitely.” (Vigyan Bhairav Tantra [2], Sutra 110).

The tantric approach is to adopt an attitude of lightness, laughter and fun – ideally “with a smile always on the face” as an Indian friend of mine likes to say. Moreover, playing implies being fully in the moment – Tantra places a strong focus on mindfulness – countering the rational mind’s ceaseless darting from future to past to future to past. Continue reading