Smiling – an indicator of spiritual success

Can you smile even when you’re hurting inside? If you can smile in the midst of your own personal storms then that’s a huge victory in your day; something immeasurably worthwhile.

Let’s consider what we give value to. If we want to live an inspired and empowered life, we need to give value to our inner work and its application in outer circumstances. If we continue to give priority value to outer aspects like job, possessions, physical beauty, then of course the small inner victories – like a beaming smile or empathic hug – will ring hollow. Instead, these small gestures have the potential to be indicators of true authenticity and spiritual success.

Excerpt from “She Who Is Unto Herself”

What’s your unique gift to life?

Have faith in yourself and your unique abilities. Know yourself to be powerful. Each one of us is like a piece of a jigsaw puzzle. We’re each essential because if even just one piece of the otherwise finished jigsaw is missing the picture is incomplete and the jigsaw doesn’t fulfil its potential. On the other hand, the single jigsaw piece on its own is totally meaningless and incomprehensible; its value and significance is seen when it fits into the puzzle as a whole. Therefore, each one of us is unique. We can bring our own quality and gift to life. It’s the feeling/being that’s important, not so much the doing. Some of us will have what look like better life opportunities than others, but we all have the same chance to bring joy and love into our interactions with those around us. No matter if we hold a supposedly important social or professional position, or we’re just a mother, husband, son, etc. any playing ground is a perfect place for us to shine our own particular light. I believe the gift I can bring to each day I’m alive is heartfelt warmth and care, radiated through a smile, which creates an easy connection with people. What’s your unique gift?

Excerpt from “She Who Is Unto Herself”.


Follow your inner moral compass

In order to be true to yourself, find worth from your own inner moral compass and performance barometer i.e. self-validate. Don’t subject yourself to the ever-moving ground on which you’ll stand if you base your sense of self and worth on the opinions, words, actions and responses of others. Beware also the unnecessary pain you may inflict on yourself if you judge yourself against the prevailing social constructs. Remember, what is right in one culture or religion is oftentimes considered wrong in another. Social constructs are mind-made (often man-made) concepts. Although society will try to convince us that we are subject to these concepts irrevocably, we are – in point of fact – free to adhere to them or not. It’s important to find your own authentic, inner spiritual source – your intuition – from which you can validate your worth and judge your actions from your individually constructed perspective. Continue reading

With Labour Day in mind

Having experienced unemployment on numerous occasions, in particular after her resignation from Green Crosses, Joy was especially sensitive to her condition. She felt that all people had the right to work – even more, to have work that was satisfying and rewarding. Humans had created a social system in which a person’s identity was closely related to the job or profession he or she practised. If you didn’t have work it was as if you had lost your identity and your worth. People didn’t know how to interact with you any more. They immediately made assumptions that you were lazy or not good enough. Of course Joy recognised that these perspectives were erroneous. Worth and identity came from inner qualities and a person’s ability to respond positively in moments of crisis and difficulty – like this one.

“If people want to find work but can’t, life can’t possibly be about what you do. That just wouldn’t be fair,” said Joy, looking up at Gino – still nestled in his arms. “So if life’s not about what you do, I guess it’s proof that life’s about who you innately are.”

Excerpt from “My Name is Joy”